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All the fruit!

I’ve been asked a few times now, “What’s up with all the fruit?” I have been using seemingly random pictures of fruit for profile pictures on various social networking sites. This is because I do not want to put my pictures on those sites (they can be found on this website). At first, I only used mango, my favorite fruit. Then I humorously decided to change my fruit for Halloween… then for Thanksgiving… and now Christmas. I have compiled a short list of fruits I associated with different times of year. Have any suggestions for other fruits?

All year
Mango (Everyday): The king of all fruits. Also, Daniel’s favorite fruit.

Chardonnay Grapes (New Years Day): Commonly used to make Champagne
Okra (MLK Day): Commonly found in southern food. Native to Africa.

Golden Apple (Lincoln’s Birthday): See Honest Abe and the Golden Apple.
Raspberry (Valentine’s Day): I don’t know. It seemed to make sense.
Cherry (President’s Day): See the story of Washington’s Cherry True.

Gooseberry (St. Patrick’s Day): A fruit native to Ireland.

Pineberry (April Fool’s Day): White strawberry. Does it exist?
Passion Fruit (Good Friday): Used to illustrate the Crucifixion.
Easter White Eggplant (Easter): Looks like an egg.
Pine Cone (Earth Day): Yummy.

Chili (Cinco de Mayo): ¡Viva Cinco de Mayo!
Bosc Pear (Julie’s Birthday): Julie’s favorite fruit.

Blueberry (Independence Day): Native to North America… and it is blue.

Kiwi (Labor Day): A main ingredient of Labor Day Fruit Pizza.

Lemon (Columbus Day): Used to prevent scurvy. Although, none of his trips were long enough to be at risk of scurvy.
Pumpkin (Halloween): A bit obvious.

Butternut Squash (Thanksgiving): Associated with harvest time. Used in various Thanksgiving recipes.

Sudachi (Pearl Harbor Day): Japanese fruit.
Pomegranate (Christmas): See The Magical Pomegranate Tree.


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