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Vintage Ludwig Bass Drum

When I first started at the Pensacola Bay Concert Band, they were using this old bass drum. I came to learn that this was a hand-me-down drum from one of the local middle schools. It had just been sitting on a top shelf somewhere collecting dust for some time before it was given to the […]

Civic Band and 5-Piece Drumkit

I mentioned this briefly on my Percussion page, but I rejoined the Pensacola Civic Band this month. It was not really all that expected. A few years ago, I got wind that they were shorthanded in their percussion section, but when I emailed, I was told my help wasn’t needed, so I just continued on. […]

Ludwig LKS402PG Timpani

I haven’t really talked much about the used pair of timpani I recently purchased (I can talk about it here because no one will read it anyway), and I don’t want to go into much detail about how I went about it. I purchased the timpani using a bundle I made off the stock market, […]

Brakes Drums? Sure, Okay.

You never know when you’re going to need a pair of brake drums, so I went to the metal scrapyard where my mom works and picked up a couple. One of them is a 10 inch and the other is a 12 inch, and they both have some ring to them. Some brake drums are […]

Next Percussion Project: Saucer Bells

I was looking around at Steve Weiss and found these Saucer Bells. These are inexpensive brass bells tuned chromatically from C7 to C8 (the highest octave on a typical glockenspiel or xylophone). Unfortunately, I found they are difficult to play on the string they come delivered on. So I set out to find a stand […]

Restoring these chimes

Last month, I found this set of chimes for sale out in New Orleans. I just inquired, not thinking I’d actually get them and asked if they would accept $1,000 for them. Unexpectedly, they said they would be willing to accept $1,000, if I paid at once, as they had another interested party. I agreed. […]

Playing With Android Apps on My ChromeBook

Experimenting with Android Apps on My ChromeBook As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I got a ChromeBook, and I’ve been happy with it for the most part. The problem is that Chrome OS has a lot of gaps. I had read that Chrome can now run Android apps, so I wanted to see if […]

Summer 2014 Part 2 and so on

My Exercises I had a couple people ask me what sort of exercises I’ve been doing since I did Physical Therapy. Although it changes from week to week depending on how busy I am, I’ve been pretty consistent. I actually already have it written down in some of my notes, so I just have to […]

Summer 2014 Part 1

Yesterday’s News: I’m having a Baby This isn’t really an official announcement or anything, since it has been commonly known for some time, but the due date for my first child is December 13, 2014. Julie and I had been trying for about a year before she got pregnant back in March. Anyway, my first […]

Getting In Shape and Not Posting to the Blog

About the time I started getting notices that I needed to update my SSL certificate was about the time I also realized that it has been almost a year since the last time I wrote an entry in my blog. I seem to dislike stopping by my blog, because I don’t really think anyone really […]


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