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Julie’s graduation and house wiring

I had a pretty busy and backbreaking couple of weeks. May 11 was Julie’s graduation from law school, we had company from May 11-14, then we were in Pace from May 14-20 so that I could wire the house. Julie’s graduation I took the Friday off. Julie’s mom and step-father flew in and we picked […]

My outdoor wifi plan was a bad idea

For anyone who has been keeping up with the technical aspects of the Home Project, you may have noticed that I am building outdoor wifi, in addition to my indoor wifi and CAT6 Ethernet network. My plan was to place a wireless router inside my Workshop (a detached building connected to the house), connect it […]

End of Law School Updates

It has been a while since I last wrote an entry, as usual. I’ve started a couple entries and not finished them. Julie has finished her last term of law school as of last week. She seems to have taken a temporary interest in knitting and cross-stitching. I say temporary because she’ll be starting Barbri […]

Spring Break 2012

I was in Pace, FL from Friday night 3/2 until Sunday morning 3/11 for Julie’s spring break. I was having second thoughts about going, but we ended up going anyway. The first Saturday, I saw two of my twin first-cousins, Garett and Darick, along with their mother and Garett’s fiancĂ©e and their son. All my […]

Important information regarding Facebook login

Previously, had a “Login With Facebook” button that allowed the ability to log in using Facebook authentication. I have removed this capability, so users wishing to log into the website will need to switch to using standard username and password authentication. Why was the change made? Last week, without any warning, Facebook disabled the […]

My endorsement for president and update on house

Presidential endorsement Let’s start with my endorsement for president. With Romney firmly winning Florida yesterday, it is a pretty safe bet that the two-party choice is between Obama and Romney. It all seems very similar to the Bush vs. Kerry race to me. Romney even looks like Kerry in a strange way. Well, anyway, if […]

Attention MobileMe Nomads

I haven’t really been keeping up with all the latest goings-on with Apple services, but while I was in North Carolina, I learned about MobileMe transitioning to the iCloud. Anyway, MobileMe is going away and being replaced by the iCloud, but some services are not available in iCloud. Anyway, one of the features that […]

Politics and Astronomy?

Newt Gingrich is a psychopath that actually once proposed that we abolish night. He proposed that we build a system of mirrors in space that would essentially light up the world after sunset. Of course, light pollution is extremely harmful, despite what big cities might have you believe. Light pollution causes insomnia in humans and […]

Who I’m voting for, if you care

For anyone who cares what I think, I did change my voter’s registration to Republican this year (I am normally No Party Affiliation), solely for the purpose of supporting Ron Paul, the libertarian. I myself am very much libertarian; I am economically conservative and socially liberal, and I simply believe that the powers that be […]

A bah humbug on bell ringers

Immediately after having to deal with Black Friday (which apparently was on Thursday this year), the very next week the bell-ringing panhandlers start guilting people into giving away whatever money they didn’t already spend. Okay, before you read any further, you should know that this post is going to sound really cold; my apologies if […]


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