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Sat, 28 Apr 2001

Well, it’s gotten to the point that I needed to created a News Archive. Rather than posting all of my news on the Home page, I will be only posting three news articles at a time on this page and all older news can be read in the Archive at That will make it […]

Fri, 20 Apr 2001

Hello! I’ve added a little thing to the Bible section. It’s a little article about how you can read the whole Bible in one year. Remember, you get something new from the Bible each time you read through it; so don’t stop at just once. I’ve also been informed that certain parts of my web […]

Thu, 19 Apr 2001

Didn’t really change much on my web site this time. I updated my Links page. I’ve also finally registered for ReGet Pro. It cost $20, and it increases download speed and is a lot easier than the old Internet Explorer way of downloading. If you ever download, I suggest that you get ReGet Free. It’s […]


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