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Thu, 31 May 2001

Well, it’s a little later than I said it would be; but that’s okay. The Older News Archive is now on This will make hyperlinks a lot easier on me and you. Thank you Bryan C. for the free web space. I’ll work on adding your site to the Resource Page. I’m a little […]

Sun, 27 May 2001

So, here’s what I am doing this Summer. May 29 to June 11: Driver’s Ed. June 4: I have a Band Leadership meeting. June 11: Band practices start Mondays and Thursdays. June 18 to June 21: Rookie Marching camp. June 25 to June 28: Leadership camp. July 9 to July 12: Percussion camp. July 12 […]

Sat, 26 May 2001

GrateFreEze (Bryan Chaffin) has submitted a link to his site. I have updated my Links page. He submitted no picture, but that may change later on when he realizes that a small picture gets people attention better. I am increasing the amount of news entries on the Home page to five. I think that only […]

Fri, 25 May 2001

I have finally fixed the pictures on the Links page. It looks like the deal with GrateFreEze is going through. I’m talking to him on AIM right now. By Tuesday, my Older News Archive will be on a new server. This will fix the problem I’ve been having with hyperlinks.

Deal In Progress

Me (GrateFreEze–also known as Bryan Chaffin) and Daniel are working on a deal right now for webspace. Due to some problems with NBCi, I will now be hosting the Older News Archive. This will come online sometime next week.

Wed, 23 May 2001

I have updated the Resource Page and the Links page. They now give information about my new Guest Book. I am going to try to work out some sort of deal with GrateFreEze. Let’s see if we can get some sort of exchange going. It should be interesting for both his sites and my site.

Tue, 22 May 2001

Today was the last day of school, so I am officially a Junior. High school feels like it is going by really fast. My Summer is pretty much set. I have a week to do nothing, then I’ll have to go to two weeks of Driver’s ed. After that, Summer band will start on June […]

Mon, 21 May 2001

I have added a Resource Page for this site. It lists all the programs and services used to create this site. It is on the left side on all main pages. This page has been sent to NBCi to save memory.

Sat, 19 May 2001

Hello. There’s only two days of school left, and they are both half days for exams. I miss the seniors If any of you visit my web site, please E-mail me or sign my Guest Book. I have added snapshots of the programs in the Links page. They are .JPG format but are saved as […]

Tue, 15 May 2001

Grr! I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails lately warning about this-that-or-the-other virus. Okay, to anyone who is fooled, 90% of all forwarded messages warning about an “evil” virus are hoaxes! This “A Virtual Card for You” is a hoax. If you get forwarded messages warning about some virus, then you can check to see […]


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