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I’m Leaving/WeatherBug 3.5

Just in case you are not the kinda person that looks at the Band page, I am going to be gone in a little while. I will go to school tomorrow, then after that I am going on my Band Spring Trip to Gatlinburg. I return Sunday afternoon. I’m a little worried about my Pre-Calculus […]

ReGet Updates

ReGet has released ReGet Deluxe 3.0 Beta (build 118), which once again allows the existence of ReGet Shell Extensions 0.1 beta (build 14). Along with that, ReGet has released a plugin of any ReGet users that use Opera 6 for their web browser. These three releases can be downloaded free of use (for a limited […]

What am I doing?!

Okay, for those of you that didn’t know (which is probably most of you), I really, REALLY screwed up my web last night. I’ll spare you the details. I fixed everything around 10:30pm last night. Anyway, I edited all 66 pages in the Online bible. Now it word wraps like it’s suppose to anyway. Before […]

For those of you that didn’t already know, has been terminated. Bryan C. is creating a new web site at a different domain name. In the future, I may end up changing to that domain name also, but that will not affect you if you just go to my zDOS name: I will […]

ReGet Release/Band Note

ReGet has released ReGet 3.0 Beta (build 117). I haven’t noticed many large changes from the previous versions, but I guess it is just a bug fix or something. Some of the changes I have noticed are flag icons added in the XP scheme, and it shows you what WJR file you have open in […]

GCGC Championships from 04/06/02

I did end up going with MHS as I said, and I was part of their floor crew. It was a little awkward being a Pace guy and all, but it was okay. Surprisingly, no one seemed to care that I was from Pace. I did take a few pictures, but I was really too […]

Daniel’s Web Land 3.1/GCGC Update

I have changed the scheme of my web site to a greenish tone, and I have changed the way it is organized. I have changed the version number of this site from v.3 to v.3.1. The main changes are in the Navigation from and the Help page. I have also renamed some things to make […]

Tue, 2 Apr 2002

I hope that everyone in my county is having a fun Spring break. Actually, my Spring break is going pretty well . ReGet has released ReGet Deluxe 3.0.116 beta, today. Saturday, I will most likely be going with Flomation High School’s colorguard to the GCGC championship at Tate High School. I may take my digital […]


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