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RAM upgraded/Jessi’s Link Submission

Today, I went down to Sam’s to help my dad pick out a new computer. While I was there, I picked up a RAM upgrade for my computer. I was running at 64MB of RAM , and now it is running at 256MB or RAM. In other news, Jessi C. has submitted a link to […]

TeamTrillian – Fighting Cancer

I just found out a little while ago, that there is a division of Trillian members that are using their computers to perform calculations to help search for a cure of cancer (among other things). I, big_malletman, have joined TeamTrillian and have already submitted calculations to help the team. If you are a Trillian member, […]

KaZaA coming to an end?

I do not personally use the software, but the company KaZaA is coming to an end. If you are wondering what KaZaA is, it is a peer to peer software for MP3. KaZaA, like Napster, has been sued by record companies. The actual company KaZaA is folding because it can not afford to defend itself. […]

ReGet Product Key Update

According to the ReGet Deluxe newsgroup, the new Product Key system has been cancelled. The reason was not really stated, but for now, ReGet users will be keeping their old keys. ReGet does plan to switch again in the future. [Read the message]

Junior Year Completed!/ReGet Deluxe 3.0 Released

Today was the last final exam day of the year. I have now completed my 11th grade year, and I am now a Senior. My final report card will be mailed to me over the summer, and I will post those results then. Summer vacation is now here. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing, […]

Daniel’s Web Land Chat on IRC

I have created an IRC channel on You can find a new page under Main Pages called Chat for details on that. You can connect to my IRC channel by using an IRC client or by the Java Applet on this web site. You can find me in this chat at any time I […]

Return from Gatlinburg, TN

I have returned from the Band Spring Trip. I had fun, but I’m also pretty tired. You can find a pretty lengthy summery on the Band page, and you can find a lot of pictures in the Photo Album. While working on the Photo Album, I realized that the load time on the pictures was […]


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