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Problem Remedied… For the Most Part

As stated by Chaffin in the previous entry, I have switched servers. This should alleviate most of the problems I’ve been having. In addition to that, my Online Status Icons have also switched to this server. I no longer have third party Online Status. This should make them more reliable. MSN, however, has not yet […]

New Versions of ReGet Deluxe.

ReGetSoft has released two new versions of ReGet Deluxe. They have released an official release, ReGet Deluxe 3.0 (build 124). They have also released a beta version, ReGet Deluxe 3.1 Beta (build 131). Having nothing to do with this subject, Daniel is not happy right now . In fact, he is upset. [Visit ReGet Deluxe […]

Trillian User, big_malletman locked out of Forums… Forever?

I have recently come to realize that an unfortunate chain of coincidences has led me to be, basically, kicked out of the Trillian Community. As you have already been informed, has expired unexpectedly; and therefore, my email address has also been lost. (If you didn’t already know that, update your address books now […]

Fri, 21 Jun 2002

Submitted by Bryan Chaffin [Ion] on 06/20/02 [E-mail] [Web site] I just completed the process of switching over Daniel’s Web Land from the Egypt server ( to the Pace4 Server ( I completed final set up of the server this afternoon, with IIS 5.1, FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions, and Serv-U FTP server. Daniel’s site should […]

Site Problems!

If you haven’t been about to notice, we are having some trouble here. Chaffin and I have lost Which leaves our email addresses and web addresses down. I am currently working on getting everything back together. I am on IP address, and the FrontPage Extensions are down. Check About me for any contact information […]

New Version of Trillian released

Well, it appears that I now know what that bump in the road was. Microsoft was nice enough to alert Cerulean Studios of a server change that would have affect Trillian. Wow, seems Microsoft is “Trill-Friendly”. I’m surprised. Trillian 0.73 consists of bug fixes, and a few added features. However, do not be confused, this […]

Lots of Random News!

InoculateIT Personal Edition has completely ended as of yesterday. The free antivirus program that claimed to be free to its users “for as long as it is on your computer” did not meet their claim. Computer Associates recommends IPE users to switch to their eTrust EZ Antivirus software which has an annual fee of $9.95 […]

URL Changes

I have registered a new URL redirection service. My web site can now be accessed at the URL Furthermore, the old redirection service, zDOS will be deactivated on June 15th. Make sure you change your links. With the service, I have also been given five more forwarding addresses. The only ones I am currently […]


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