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Return from Band Camp

I have returned from band camp. Doesn’t seem like much happened while I was gone. I haven’t seen any software updates or anything like that. Just so every one knows, I did not have email access this year at band camp. The computers in the Adams Center were not networked. I didn’t sneak into the […]

Annoying Little Bug Obliterated

I decided to stop waiting for DotTK to fix my email forwarding. I tried several different ideas, and finally one worked. I canceled, and then I reregistered it. My email forwarding is back up. You are free to email me at, or Chaffin at In addition, the submission forms are also back […]

Multiple Announcements

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 17 years old. “Woot!” as Chaffin would say. I’m not the kind of person that gets excited of getting older. I don’t see what difference another 365 days makes. I’ll probably think differently when I’m older though, if I get much older. Monday, I will be leaving for […]

Annoying Little Bugs!

This is the third time I’ve typed this, so if FrontPage crash I’m going to rip the power cord out of its socket (I’ve done that before ). Okay, from the beginning again. Due to an error at, which I have reported several times already, is currently down. I’m very irritated about that. […]


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