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ISP Changed, Email Changed

Due to lack of software updates, issues with Windows XP, inability to use Microsoft Outlook, ads in the software, and incompatibility with my PocketPC, I have canceled my Speedband account with Juno. I am now using DSLExtreme dialup services. For 12.95, DSLExtreme dialup services provides 25MB of webspace, 10 POP3 email accounts with 25MB of […]

New Computer Set Up

My computer came in Thursday, to my surprise. I was a little disappointed that my Floppy Drive and RAM did not fit. I’ve ordered a new Floppy Drive, and I bought a 512MB RAM chip. You can go to About me to see my computer stats. My Axim Handheld has not come yet. If anyone […]

Computer Officially Dies

Well, my fears have finally come. On Monday night, while communicating with Trillian, my devices on my computer stopped being detected, such as the CD Rom Drive and the processor. After trying to find out what was wrong yesterday, I decided that my mother board has died. Yesterday also, I ordered a new computer from […]

Monday, September 15, 2003

My fears seem to be coming soon. I think that my system is dying. Well, I may be jumping to conclusions too quickly. I over installed WinXP pro over WinMe, so I’ll reformat without WinMe as soon as I get the time. I could tell the symptoms, but I don’t think I need to. This […]


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