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Break Boredom!? What the heck!

Man, what the heck is going on here? Where is everyone? I don’t have any of your phone numbers, because I threw them out when you all moved away. I haven’t changed my phone number, and it is even posted on my About me. Caddy! You punk! You’ve been home since Tuesday and you haven’t […]


Well, I am sitting at work right now. Its a very slow day, but I will be getting of at 2:50. Well, I don’t feel all that well. I’ve been getting up earlier than usual since Thursday, but I haven’t been going to bed any sooner. I turned in my last at-home paper for English, […] Account Scheduled to Close

Well, I’ve just about had it with my account. Way back in the old days when NBCi offered free unlimited webspace, they also offered, which was a good email service at the time. Back then, I just used email forwarding and had it forward to my account. When NBCi discontinued, fully […]

Spring Term Decisions/Interesting Day

Well, I’ve basically decided what classes I plan on taking next term. One of the classes I wish to take has only one instance, which means I’m in a race to get it. I’ll be signing up as soon as possible. Coincidentally, I already know someone who is taking that class. Kim is planning on […]

Mu is my path!

Mu is the way. Mu is my way. Mu is the only way! I am now of Mu! Anyone wanna stop me? Wahaha!

Conclusions Reached/Moving Along

No more crap to be posted here. My feelings on this matter are coming to a close. A while back, long before meeting her, I wrote my feelings on paper. This actually sums up some book I read previously: Love Love is acceptance. Forgiving others because we understand that we, ourselves have our own faults. […]

Sorry Heather, but you’re wrong.

Well, I am still not great. Not anywhere close. I talked to her today, and she told me a few things about what happened. It was me! Holy crap, it was me! I’m sorry Heather, but your wrong! You said that I am “one of the sweetest guys”, and its so wrong! I was the […]

Trying Times

Many of you have no idea that I am extremely despondent now. How would you? I keep my personal life so locked that most would never know it. So, I guess now is a good time to reveal. I was nearly engaged just a little while back. Strange huh? Most of you probably never thought […]

Veterans Day Curses Work Schedule

Whoever decided that Veterans Day would be on a Tuesday this year has really upset me. Actually, I know that Veterans Day is always on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, but I am not happy with the way this is working out. If you look at MySchedule, then you know that I normally […]

Firing Up the IRC/Website Nearing Completion

Its time to fire up this site’s chat room. Therefore, I will start schedule actual topics, debates, discussions, etc. at specific times. I’m doing this because things are a little dull there, and I think it will be fun. I would like for these discussions to be as large as possible, so I will schedule […]


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