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Christmas (That’s C H R I S T, not X)

Well, I’ll start with this: My mucus has turned back to its healthy shade of clear. I know that’s not a good thing to read before eating, but it’s good! I am no longer sick, and I didn’t even have to see a doctor. I still sniffle, but the infection has cleared up. I think […]

Ill… again

I suppose that either the Nativity scene or all the blood I swallowed made me sick. I got my teeth extracted yesterday. It doesn’t really hurt, except for where the anesthetics where shot. The shots in my mouth hurt a bit. I had ten shots in my mouth, but I still felt on of the […]

All this Nativity stuff is now over. We did that yesterday. I ended up only being an angel, not Hared. That was good, because I didn’t have time to jump into another costume in the woods. I stayed pretty warm through it all, but the woods irritated my nose. I feel fine though. It didn’t […]

Got my grades.

I finished my last two finals Wednesday, and my last day of work was yesterday. PJC is closed, and it doesn’t open back up until January 2nd. I’ll probably start work again the Monday after that. I already wrote about all the in my last entry. So, I got my grades. I made straight A’s, […]


I’m at work and things are a little slow, so I’ll take the time to update on my week. Thursday, I was, of course, sick. Although I was better by Friday, I have felt an eerie dizziness and weakness ever since. I cannot finish meals; in fact, a few bites fills me yet leaves me […]

Dang it!

Well, I guess I let my guard down. I did get sick today. I went to work today at 7:30, and after a few hours, I felt a bad heart burn and back ache coming on. Well, I wanted to work for seven hours today, but I only made five and a half. Yep… I […]

Good news and bad.

It doesn’t look good for the home team (myself). Saturday night, my sister got sick. Sunday, my brother-in-law got sick, and I watched John. This morning, mother was throwing up. I have been exposed to this bug for a good while now, but I have not gotten sick yet. Perhaps I have some sort of […]

Scholarship Awarded

Today I received a letter in the mail notifying me that I have been awarded the Pensacola Junior College Academic Scholarship. This scholarship covers tuition and books for the spring term. Along with my Bright Futures Scholarship, I will not have to pay anything for my upcoming term. Unfortunately, I have already paid for my […]


I registered for my Spring courses this morning at 3:00AM. Wow, I was so tired at class today. I survived though. I still need to pay my fees, which I may do in the morning, but it must be done by January 5th, so I have plenty of time. [Link] Things rather slow. I might […]


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