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Entries Lost… RIP

Sigh… I lost two entries… Let the record show that there were two entries between these dates… One of them was on the 15th. I think the other was on the 20th. If anyone has been to my and seen them, do this: Turn your web browser to Work Offline, or open your browser without […]

What I’ve been doing.

Hello all. I thought I’d fill in with what I’ve been doing. Saturday night was bad. My stitches in the roof of my mouth were driving me insane, and I didn’t go to sleep until 5:00AM Sunday. I didn’t go to church Sunday, and Sunday was pretty much a drag. Sunday, those stitches in my […]


Feeling has begun to return in the roof of my mouth. It is quite annoying for me. It hurts to talk; you have no idea how much the tongue scraps the top of your mouth when you talk. Anything solid gets caught in my stitches, so just eating is a dread. I’ve also noticed something […]

The surgery.

So, I couldn’t sleep last night. I couldn’t get my mind clear. I was thinking about someone. Not the normal “someone”. I only got about three hours of sleep, but I guess it really didn’t matter. So, my surgery went well, I guess; although, I managed to embarrass myself. I prayed a little while before […]

A new year dawns.

My goodness. I need to start waking up at a decent hour, because I am not seeing any of the morning. So, 2003 is over. Goodness. Another trash year ends. Well, I am actually a little more optimistic about 2004. Surprised? I don’t make resolutions. I don’t see the point. If I chose to change […]


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