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Well, it looks like June is just about here. It feels like December has just gone by, and its already midterm for Summer A term. Classes are going well still. I have A’s in both classes. I wonder how far this is going to go, keeping my 4.0 that is. I admit that I am […]


Updating at work. Oh boy, I don’t feel good. I think I’m a little bit sick today. I don’t feel good at all. I have an ΑΒΓ meeting later today at 5:15. That’s means that I’ll work until 5:00. But since I don’t feel well, I may decide not to go. I’ll decide after class. […]


Well, I have finished the spring term, and I have jumped right into summer A. I did make an A in Biological Principles for Non-Majors, which was possible but intangible. I suppose that I made A’s on my last assignments. Somehow I pulled that off. So, I get the glory privileges of a 4.0 for […]

Rapping up spring term.

Umm… yeah. We are now on month number four of this dreaded year 2004. I have completed two of my four final exams. I only have my Programming Concepts I exam and my Biological Principles for Non-Majors exam. I am not looking forward to Biology. I do not think I am going to make an […]


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