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(94 days remain): Little girls

So, today a lot of people came over, a bunch of ninth graders. They were outside all day today though. But another family came over. The mommy was Denise, and she has four little girls. The second youngest was two. She was scared of me at first; but by the end, she was having me […]

(95 days remain): Accomplishment!

Jenn, my speech instructor, gave me back my grades (by my request). My informative speech, Dealing with Malware and Spyware (Delivered on July 21st), wasn’t all that great. My script got a perfect 10, but my presentation wasn’t as good. I was not myself that day, and I was nervous for some reason. Anyway, I […]

(98 days remain): The Seventh Month

Hello people. Well, it looks like July is almost over. This last summer term is also almost over. I have completely hated this month. This course term has ended up being my hardest. At first, I though that Psychology would take away my 4.0. I didn’t do well on my first tests, but I have […]


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