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Juno Cuts Yet Another Service; I Cut Juno

Juno email will no longer be accessible via POP3 or Juno Email Client starting on December 1st. How ridiculous is that? You now are required to use the webmail client. So, that’s the end of my Juno mail. I will keep my account long enough to switch over some of my subscriptions. My new secondary […]

I am about to die!

My gosh, I am so tired. I went over to Falcon Graphics today right after Calculus. It was about 2:35 when I showed up. Our plan was to finish three programs today. Well, we worked until about 7:45, and I finished one of them. Another one got a lot of work finished on it, but […]


It is seeming less and less likely that I will be able to get an A in Calculus. I know the majority of everything on the tests, but what I don’t know always seems to be worth a lot more grade-wise than what I do know. For example, on the test I took today, I […]

Cell Phone Awakens

Last Tuesday (October 26), my cell phone replacement arrived. I called to have it activated, but they told me that there was something wrong with their records of my phone. They told me to call back in three to five days. I called back Friday, and they told me that they were transferring records, and […]


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