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Just for fun

So, I seem to manage to put myself in the worst circumstances. You know it? In honor of absolutely nothing, I post my new anthem! Actually, it is the Grouch’s Anthem. I recorded it with my PocketPC off of a movie that I used to watch that now John and Ethan watch. I think you […]

Trilly 3.1

As of yesterday, Trillian 3.1 Basic/Pro is now an official release. I had been beta testing this piece for a while, and actually the last few releases were stable on my computer. Trillian 3.1 has quite a few improvements from 3.0 and a few added features. The biggest improvement, I think, was the minimization of […]

Bwarg! Weekend.

Oh boy I feel weak! I don’t understand why. I got eight hours of sleep last night, which is a rarity. I’ve had trouble keeping my eyes open all day, and I feel dizzy. I’m glad I didn’t have any tests or anything today. I had a fairly eventful weekend. Friday, my brother-in-law and I […]

Daniel: but every leap of faith i’ve made in my life, every chance i’ve taken… i always land flat on my face. Friend: so stop taking chances

“Wednesday” and “February” have really weird spellings.

Well, disregard my subject line. Sometimes I just have nothing specific to talk about. Well, this usually happens in December, but it looks like it came a little late this year. I am starting to feel a little bit sick. The irony! I told Mom yesterday, “I don’t know what it is, but I have […]

Midnight Posting

Well, this has been a pretty rough time. I just got through the longest work week I’ve probably ever had, and last day was the dreaded Black Monday. I got my first quarter exam back in Physics Lecture. I thought that I had completely bombed it, but I ended up making a ‘B’ on it. […]

Horrid Week…

Work has been really annoying this week. Greg, the media support specialist, as been out for the past three days. Greg work 8 – 10 hours a day to do all of his scheduled tasks. Since Greg is out, I have to fill in for him. If you’ve looked at my schedule, you’ll see that […]


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