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Job? Yes…

Basically here is what happened: As I posted previously, Wednesday Robert McClure told me he would give me a call. Well, I waited for that call until Tuesday, when I decided that I needed to either hear something or look somewhere else. So, I asked my dad what he thought I should do, and he […]

Caddy Won

Well, I am signed up in the UWF Argus now; and I have a UWF email address. I must say that I wasn’t really that impressed. I just set up my UWF mail to forward like my other million addresses do. I do not need to post that here because, as I said, it just […]

Job? Maybe…

I suppose that today was a productive day. I woke up this morning and fixed the database error. It was a dumb error. I had been using FrontPage to upload my website changes, but I didn’t think about the fact that FP would delete the two folders that the weblog and forums were located in. […]

The New… Everything…

Well, most of you can’t read this right now, but some of you can. Here it is, my new weblog system. Isn’t it lovely? I think so. After starting putting an entry page on my website instead of a plain popup, I got fed up with free services. So, I bought webhosting which included […]

Enough to worry any sober guy…

Well, I am in the Physics 2 class now. It did not get canceled. We ended up having eleven people sign up, which is the minimum they can have to keep a class. The times are on the schedule, but I’ll put them here. The lecture class is from 1:30PM to 2:35PM on Monday thru […]

Associates Degree Obtained

Okay, so maybe I am more human than I care to admit. I did not make a B in Physics after all. I made a C+ in lecture and a B+ in lab. Sigh… Now I have to find a way to get through Physics 2. I am taking this final class at PJC, registered […]


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