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New Horizons.

Here I am, sitting in the church alone. I probably left too early, but there was nothing to do at Sister’s house except sleep. Sister, Jeremy, and Phillip to the youth to Texas for their camp after church this morning, and I had the house to myself and to lock up. I can’t remember where […]

Phones Back

Phone service was restored today. That’s good because I was starting to run low on cell phone minutes. DSL supposedly will be here from Bellsouth on July 1st. I do not know when DSLExtreme will be able to tap in, but I should have DSL connected to my network before August.

Phones out!

I woke up this morning to go to lab, and I got online to check my email before I left. That would be the last time in a while that I’d connect with my land line. According to Nannie, phones went out as soon as I left. When I got home, I tried to get […]

A few surprises.

Well, this may get a little more detailed than you may care to hear, just to warn you. I do not think I have ever puked that much in my entire life. That virus was about the most annoying thing I’ve ever had before. I have noticed post-Ivan that a lot of people who normally […]

A big tub of jello.

Daniel is laying in bed, writing this on his PocketPC. He is very tired, because he has thrown up seven times since 2:30AM. It is very predictable because he throws up 30 minutes after each hour, give or take about five minutes. He also is hungry, achy, and thirsty. I have a fever, and I […]

Angry at the world

If you remember from my last entry, you read that I found out something that really disappointed me. Well, I think I’m out of the disappointed/upset stage, and I am entering the angry/hate the world stage. Anyway, if I seem to be in a bad mood, it is because I am. I mean, what is […]


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