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One more on the list

I just can’t understand why people have to be so dishonest with me. I really wish that people would just tell me what’s on their mind. For those who don’t know, I have a little Dan’l-style modification on my instant messenger. Its purpose: Basically, if anyone blocks me on the AIM service, I know about […]

No more

For anyone who is wondering what happened:  Yes, I did cancel my Facebook and Myspace accounts.  My cell phone will run out of minutes soon, and I have no plans to renew.  I do not have Internet at home right now, so I am not on any instant messengers, and I rarely check e-mail. Bye.

I am a pack-rat…

… when it comes to things that bring up memories. We have been in the process of moving since last week. Don’t be like Claudia and freak out because I didn’t tell you I was moving. She thought I was saying that I was moving away, and I’m not. I’m just moving next door. It […]


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