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Bad Year?

I would like to apologize to the four friends that I recently told my secret to. These four people put their trust in my decision and trusted that I was sure everything would be okay. I am so sorry that I got everyone else’s hopes up, and I’m sorry I got my own hopes up. […]


Do you ever feel like you try and try and try so hard, but nothing good ever comes from it? Do you ever feel like despite all your effort, you never get any sort of reward? Yeah, I feel that way :( It is like I’ve taken so many risks and made so many sacrifices […]

Missing her, so here’s a soupbox entry

I sent her love poetry last night around 1:30AM. Isn’t that pitiful? Man, I got it bad. So I am sitting here with cold hands drinking something really cold. I wanna talk to her, but she’s can’t talk tonight. So, I need something to keep my mind on, so let’s talk about some issues. Some […]

Back to the basics

Today I was reading my sister’s blogs, and it got me thinking about my own blog. You know, I make so much of an effort to keep people from knowing too much about me that I usually end up saying nothing at all. I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing, because I usually […]

Motherly advice for 21 year old guy

First of all, I think this is awesome. I wish I had something like this on my weblog: Check this out Mom and I were talking today about someone who used to be a friend of mine. Since I think she may still look at this weblog from time to time, we will just call […]

The dangers of text!

Most people who know me (heh) know that I am generally not a hostile person. Whenever I talk to friends, I am usually rather soft-spoken. There is always the exception of when I am talking about issues, like politics or polices or war, etc. Then I know that sometimes I sound like I’m talking down, […]

Here is what I’m tired of…

I don’t like girls… at least not at first. Looking back on my history with girls, I know this. I have never liked a girl without something first. Every girl I’ve ever liked has first shown some sign of flirtation, came out and told me, “I like you”, or given me her phone number. But […]

Up and down and thrown around

I had a really rough week last week (and a little before). I had three midterms and two civic band concerts. That doesn’t really happen to me very often. I usually have a while between each test, but this time it all just hit me at once. I did well though. I made a B […]


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