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Academic/career interests recap

In the last posts before the recap, I had just graduated from college and was getting ready for graduate school. I wasn’t very specific yet in what I wanted to do. I knew I was interested in applied Mathematics and Statistics, but I wasn’t completely sure how to wrap Computer Science and Statistics up. I […]

The apartment situations

In March 2008, the house finally split up. It wasn’t because we were sick of each other or anything like that, but rather the house just seemed like it was falling apart. We kept having water leaks, leading to $100+ water bills and the electric bills were through the roof as well. The landlord, Eddie […]

A long overdue recap

First off, let me say that I really can’t stand the first entry after along silence, and I think this is the longest silence I’ve ever had. I think the main cause of the silence was just all the major changes that I’d gone through. For a while, I wasn’t exactly sure how to handle […]


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