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What will the future hold?

Since I don’t have any classes right now, I’ve been finding little projects to do with my time. I had mentioned briefly in a previous entry that I liked the ginger beer I bought from Target, but it is a little pricy for how much you get, and I was wondering what ginger beer actually […]

Engagement party and newness

Last Saturday (5/9), I had my engagement party, which my family threw for us. It was at the meeting room at People’s First. I think that’s where Stephanie’s mom works, except at a different branch. Although Julie and I did have fun, I thought that the turnout was pretty low. Most of the people who […]

So many things are gone

I finally got fed up with MySpace and Facebook to the point that I didn’t want to even have them anymore. MySpace has pretty much always sucked. You can tell it was made in ColdFusion, because it was down all the time. When MySpace started trying to be just like Facebook and YouTube was when […]

Last few events, including graduation

April 16, I had my SEASTARS poster presentation for my project, which I guess is basically like UWF’s science fair. The main annoyance about it was how early we had to be there. Set up started at 7am. Trouble with early things started when we moved in with Brad. It seems like Brad is a […]

Expired groceries at Target

I’ve come to really like ginger beer. I like the spiciness it has, and it tastes a little different from ginger ale. I have been buying it from the Target near UWF. I was drinking some today which I bought a few days ago, and I was looking at the nutritional facts just because. I […]


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