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Come in threes

First things first, they say bad things come in threes. Today, Julie and I had to deal with three bad things. Julie and I returned from our trip to North Carolina last night around 10:30PM. The first thing we noticed was a big puddle of water in the hallway directly next to the kitchen. Unsure […]

Lots and lots of trips

I did go home to Pace last weekend, and I’ll be headed out again tomorrow, so I’d better fit this blog entry in while I can. Julie and I headed back to Pace in Julie’s car Friday. We were planning to be there about 3:00PM CDT, but the trip took longer than we thought it […]

Update on the dryer

After I was unable to find anything wrong with the dryer (clearly I am not the best choice for fixing things that aren’t computers), Julie and I looked for solutions to the problem. We stopped by the local Lowes and asked them if they knew anyone who repairs dryers in town. I wasn’t very impressed […]

Not too impressed with WindStream so far

I got my Internet connection on phone line turned on today, one day before the due date. The only problem is that the modem isn’t here. The tech who connected it outside said that it should have arrived today, so it would be here tomorrow. I got a voicemail from my mom an hour later, […]

Starting the next phase

I am writing this post even though I do not have an Internet connection yet. It is July 4th. Julie and I are mostly settled into the new place in Live Oak, Florida. At the moment, I am watching a movie and watching some illegal fireworks exploding some distance outside my back window. Moving here […]


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