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Response to Teachers Rights Ignored

This entry is in response to a Pensacola News Journal article published today: Teachers’ rights ignored, Christian group says This article is referring to the judgment prohibiting teachers from “a posture or manner that is likely to be perceived as an endorsement of prayer.” Referring to the article: Among them, it says that teachers cannot […]

The Still Life in Jacksonville

Thus far, my life in Jacksonville has been dismally slow. For an explanation of why I live here now, read my previous entry. I began applying for jobs before we moved here and have continued to apply for jobs (or at least look) almost every day since I’ve been here. I’ve contacted a job placement […]

Weblog software upgraded and a comparison of weblog publishers

I upgraded the WordPress software to version 2.8.4. I was worried at first that doing so might cause some trouble, so I had put it off until now. I try not to fiddle too much with my website software, because fixing it afterwards can sometimes be a bit of a chore. The upgrade went smoothly […]

Mr. Lay found not guilty of contempt

Mr. Lay was pronounced not guilty of the contempt charges [see previous entry for explanation]. Good for him. He’s really lucky. Personally, I think the entire school was lucky. They could have easily lost their state funding for all that they did and perhaps rightfully so. I just wanted to clear up a few things […]


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