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Why I’m angry with Netflix

I am angry with Netflix, but I seem to have trouble conveying why I am to people who ask. I am not sure if it is because I am not explaining it well, or if the people I am explaining to just don’t get it. I will spell out why I am angry with Netflix […]

All the fruit!

I’ve been asked a few times now, “What’s up with all the fruit?” I have been using seemingly random pictures of fruit for profile pictures on various social networking sites. This is because I do not want to put my pictures on those sites (they can be found on this website). At first, I only […]

So many purchases

It has been pretty rough so far. In my last email, I explain the issue I was having with my Optiplex 745, named PERSEUS. It is otherwise a great computer, so I am going to give it to Brother and Stephanie as a gift. Their computer is about 9 years old, and I am sure […]


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