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First Real 2011 Post

School I guess this is the first real post of the year. So far, things have pretty much gone how I should have expected. I started my first term at CSU’s distance masters program in statistics. The program was not what they advertised it to be. They made themselves out to be very helpful and […]

How to Setup a Squeezebox Server to Listen to RadioIO and Other Sources

I will expand this document as needed. Why should I care? I imagine most users won’t see any need to setting up a Squeezebox Server, but here are some advantages you’ll get: Connect Squeezebox Server to a stream, then connect your devices/computers to your Squeezebox Server to listen. Connect multple devices/computers to your own Squeezebox […]

Colorado State University: Distance Statistics MS

Will explain more later. Hello Michelle, I already withdrew, so I did not respond through ramct. I saw no point in continuing. I almost withdrew before the test. How much time and study I put into this course (~30 hrs/wk) seemed to have marginal effect on my grade. I may have mentioned that I already […]


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