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Dealing with surveillent

One of the things I wanted in the new house was an intercom system. My thought was that I would have one intercom at the front door, one all the way in the outdoor office, one in the room we’d later use for a nursery (to be used as a baby monitor), and others in […]

Why wire a network?

If you’ve taken a look at my home-project page, you’ll notice that much of what I have up has to do with the network. My mom actually asked me a question early on. She asked me (probably not in her exact words), why wire a network when you could just use wireless? In my research […]

When law school is over

About a month or so ago, I started really thinking about what is going to happen once Julie finishes law school and finishes the Florida bar process. That all should be finished sometime in August 2012. My lease at my current apartment in Gainesville goes up about the same time. First of all, the job […]

New Website

I finally got around to working on the new website. I am now using the new domain name, which I registered earlier this year. I will be keeping as a redirect, but I felt the old domain name was losing its meaning over time. When I first used the web alias bigmalletman and […]


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