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Vintage Ludwig Bass Drum

When I first started at the Pensacola Bay Concert Band, they were using this old bass drum. I came to learn that this was a hand-me-down drum from one of the local middle schools. It had just been sitting on a top shelf somewhere collecting dust for some time before it was given to the […]

Civic Band and 5-Piece Drumkit

I mentioned this briefly on my Percussion page, but I rejoined the Pensacola Civic Band this month. It was not really all that expected. A few years ago, I got wind that they were shorthanded in their percussion section, but when I emailed, I was told my help wasn’t needed, so I just continued on. […]

Ludwig LKS402PG Timpani

I haven’t really talked much about the used pair of timpani I recently purchased (I can talk about it here because no one will read it anyway), and I don’t want to go into much detail about how I went about it. I purchased the timpani using a bundle I made off the stock market, […]

Brakes Drums? Sure, Okay.

You never know when you’re going to need a pair of brake drums, so I went to the metal scrapyard where my mom works and picked up a couple. One of them is a 10 inch and the other is a 12 inch, and they both have some ring to them. Some brake drums are […]

Next Percussion Project: Saucer Bells

I was looking around at Steve Weiss and found these Saucer Bells. These are inexpensive brass bells tuned chromatically from C7 to C8 (the highest octave on a typical glockenspiel or xylophone). Unfortunately, I found they are difficult to play on the string they come delivered on. So I set out to find a stand […]

Restoring these chimes

Last month, I found this set of chimes for sale out in New Orleans. I just inquired, not thinking I’d actually get them and asked if they would accept $1,000 for them. Unexpectedly, they said they would be willing to accept $1,000, if I paid at once, as they had another interested party. I agreed. […]


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