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My endorsement for president and update on house

Presidential endorsement Let’s start with my endorsement for president. With Romney firmly winning Florida yesterday, it is a pretty safe bet that the two-party choice is between Obama and Romney. It all seems very similar to the Bush vs. Kerry race to me. Romney even looks like Kerry in a strange way. Well, anyway, if […]

Politics and Astronomy?

Newt Gingrich is a psychopath that actually once proposed that we abolish night. He proposed that we build a system of mirrors in space that would essentially light up the world after sunset. Of course, light pollution is extremely harmful, despite what big cities might have you believe. Light pollution causes insomnia in humans and […]

Who I’m voting for, if you care

For anyone who cares what I think, I did change my voter’s registration to Republican this year (I am normally No Party Affiliation), solely for the purpose of supporting Ron Paul, the libertarian. I myself am very much libertarian; I am economically conservative and socially liberal, and I simply believe that the powers that be […]

A bah humbug on bell ringers

Immediately after having to deal with Black Friday (which apparently was on Thursday this year), the very next week the bell-ringing panhandlers start guilting people into giving away whatever money they didn’t already spend. Okay, before you read any further, you should know that this post is going to sound really cold; my apologies if […]


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