Forum Rules

The following list of rules should be followed by all subscribers who wish to contribute to the forum. These rules are in addition to the normal site policies.

Warez refers to copyrighted works distributed without royalties in violation of copyright law. No requests for warez or links to warez can be tolerated on the forum.

Respect your fellow subscribers by treating them courteously, especially if you disagree with them. Please do not use foul language. If you do not follow simple web etiquette, a moderator may take action.

  • Please post in English. Posting in non-English presents several problems. Moderators can’t sift out anything offensive or illegal due to the language barrier.
  • Please do not post in ALL-CAPS, bold, italics, color, or any other font formatting except for emphasis of occasional words or phrases. It can make the forum difficult to read.
  • The use of foul language is offensive and cannot be tolerated.
  • Avoid direct insults to other subscribers. Everyone should be treated with the same degree of respect. Keep any criticisms constructive. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • While the forum may be used for debate, forcing your opinions on other subscribers without regard to their feelings is unacceptable. By no means does this mean you cannot be involved in heated debates; however, be courteous when posting your views.
  • Try not to post duplicate information. Moderators try to keep information on the forum organized and will merge threads as needed.
  • Spamming is defined as repeating comments several times in more than one post. Advertising a site once or twice is fine, but if you are repeatedly telling people to check out something without adding anything useful to a discussion will be considered spam.
  • Discrimination against race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or of any other kind will cannot be tolerated on the forum.
  • Try to keep discussions on-topic. While conversations may drift, in general, the topic should follow the thread creator.

Below are the guidelines for signatures:

  • Please keep signatures no longer than 5 lines of text. Excessive signature length and content makes the forum more difficult to read. If images are used in signatures, the entire signature should be able to fix into a 468×113 pixel-sized box. This is a common practice on many forum based websites. The general idea is that your signature should not be longer than the average size of a post.
  • Please do not use flashing or excessive animation.
  • No pornography or foul language.
  • Avoid offensive content.
  • Do not link to warez or other illegal materials.
  • Do not link to sites for “points”. Do not blind link to generate income.
  • Do not link to viruses, fake viruses, or anything which could be of a violent nature to others’ computers.
  • Keep in mind that signatures are viewable by the general public. Placing e-mail addresses in your signature could result in increased spam.

Thread Naming
Please inform everyone by posting what your thread is about in the thread title. Titles of threads should actually be descriptive of the threads contents.

When linking to another site or thread, be sure it does not link to any illegal content. No links to any sites for “points” or links to generate income. You may link to sites you wish to promote, as long as it adheres to the previously mentioned restrictions.

Do not post information not meant to the general public, such as e-mail, pictures, logs, or anything else containing sensitive information.

No posting of offensive or vulgar attachments. For pictures, try to blackout any personal information when possible.

Correct Forum
Try to post in the correct forum. Moderators try to keep information organized. Moderators will move threads when necessary.

Announcements and Sticky Threads
A number of announcements and sticky thread are created. These threads contain valuable information and may answer your questions.

Your Account
Please avoid allowing others to use your accounts. If more than one subscriber uses the same computer, each should use his or her own account. Also, do not include any profanity or other inappropriate materials in your profile.

Users that blatantly do not follow policies and etiquette outlined here are subject to action by the moderators.

Moderators are chosen, and there are not applications to become a moderator. Their duties include keeping peace, enforcing polices, assisting subscribers, and keeping information organized.

Moderators have the ability to close, edit, and delete threads and posts. If this happens, there is a reason for the change. Please do not harass moderators for making changes to posts and threads.

Policies and etiquette are subject to change as necessary.

Thank you for joining. Have fun!


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