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My name is Daniel Wells (learn more about me on my bio page), and I have maintained a website, in some capacity, since 2000 (age 14). I currently use Dreamhost for my hosting; I have been a Dreamhost customer since 2001. My site is now using WordPress for content management, Mingle Forum for bulletin board, phpGraphy for photo gallery, and WebCalendar for web calendar. All other pages are written in PHP, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I test my website with the latest versions of Seamonkey, Mozilla Firefox, and Chromium (i.e. Google Chrome). I test on an openSUSE desktop and laptop. The blog content is also available over xml+rss.

This website may not be compatible with old versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, as the JavaScript and CSS used by this site may not be supported. It is recommended that you use Mozilla Firefox on Windows systems, particularly if you are using Windows XP and below, which can no longer upgrade to the latest versions of Internet Explorer.

This website is my seventh. The website was previously called bigmalletman.com. My first usage of “bigmalletman” was when I selected an AOL screen name. I was a 13 year old chubby mallet percussionist in middle school. I selected DanielLWells.com as a more professional sounding domain name; however, I will continue to have the domain name bigmalletman.com forward to this website, and all previous email addresses will still work.

This website serves as a source for all things me, including information on subjects that interest me. I encourage active participation from everyone, especially friends and family. With blog entries going all the way back to 2000, it journals events of my life, for better or worse.


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