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I've been playing percussion for years. I started out in 6th grade beginner band mostly playing drums and switched to mostly playing mallet percussion afterward. I was front ensemble captain from 10th–12th and percussion co-captain in 12th. Being the only dedicated mallet percussionist at my school without a dedicated mallet instructor, I taught other drummers and band members and arranged some of the front ensemble music. I occasionally marched bass drum in parades. I also played vibraphone in high school jazz band. During college, I was a member of the Pensacola Civic Band, and taught myself marimba solos while not in a group, and infrequently played marimba in church.

I am mostly self taught, learning mallets mostly from The Goldenberg Books and Stevens "Method of Movement". I mostly use Stevens grip for four-mallet but also can use Burton grip. I also experiment with six-mallet independence.

As an adult, I started brushing up on drums to become a more rounded percussionist. I have since performed snare, drum set, and timpani in concerts, but I primarily focus on mallet percussion. At home, I enjoy hand drumming on cajón and bongos, etc.

I have found that I have a knack for working out deals and also restoring older instruments. I have a Personal Inventory of instruments I can use for gigs and loan out.

For the last few years, I have been most active in the Pensacola Bay Concert Band, where I serve as a section leader, provide percussion instruments and equipment, and do other behind-the-scenes band duties. I have also recently joined the band's Wind Ensemble, where I play cajón with the group at local nursing and retirement facilities.

I will be performing in the Pensacola State College musical, Funny Girl in November; I will be performing in the Gulf Breeze HS musical Bright Star in December. You can see my Performance Schedule and Music Resume to learn more about my activities.


Here are some topics of percussion that I am interested in:

  • Mallet Percussion
  • Multi-Mallet Technique
  • Hand Drumming
  • Instrument Design and Building
  • Music Education Advocacy

Upcoming Performances

Subject to change, I will perform in these upcoming events:

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